Saturday, August 2, 2008


Vodacom Miss Tanzania beauty contest will again be staged at the Dar es Salaam`s Leaders` Club on August 2. The co-ordinator of Miss Tanzania, Hashim Lundenga, said yesterday that his committee had decided to stage the event at the same ground again because it had an inductive climate to accommodate many fans as possible. ``We want Vodacom Miss Tanzania to be attended by many fans as possible, that is why we have decided to use the same ground,`` Lundenga said. He said fans would pay 80,000 /- each at the VIP while normal seats would be charged at 35,000 /- per head. Last year the event was also staged at the same place when Richa Adhia won the title. The winner of this year`s contest will be awarded 8.8m/- and a car which its value is yet to be known. The first and second runners-up will take home 6m/- and 3.8m/- respectively. The fourth winner will receive 2.7m/- while 2.2m/- will be taken by the fifth finisher. Those who will appear in the top 10 will each be awarded 1.3m/- while the rest will take home 660,000/- each. The contestants are Fay Anthony, Amatha Crispin, Sylivia Mashuda, Nelly, Aneth John, Angela Lubala, Rhona Swai, Florence Josephat, Gloria Masangua, Nadia Ahmed and Mariam Ajibu. Others are Irene Salala, Linda Kaaya, Tahiya Badru, Cecilia George, Beatrice Dengenesia, Upendo Laizer and Johary Abubakar. There are also Flora Mvungi, Blanca Emmanuel, Devotha Desiree, Nasrim Karim, Elizabeth Gumta, Doris Godfery and Tusikile Mwakibinga.

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